Still Life Performance: 10th June 2011, 6pm

Local and international artists are invited to the challenge of interacting with the Meter Room’s premises, creating site-specific live events that aim to re-shape the building's identity and function in the city of Coventry. Artists can choose either a projects on its own, whether to create flash interactions as a response to the respective ongoing exhibition – marking the first year of the gallery as a year of rescuing the vitality of this specific space.


The first Live Meter Event presents the artist Joseph Patricio in an ephemeral performative response to the work of Paige Perkins – Diving into the Wreck - an exhibition derived from the remains of a building ready to be transformed into a new space – a creational one.

Based on post-industrial aesthetics as a transformative engagement with the space, the performance displays the energy that prevails from the interaction of the human body with the concrete material of destruction. The public interaction aspect challenges the idea of a still wreck, inviting spectactors to reject the ‘no-where-ness’ and create a heterotopian space as a cathartic response to the wreck, beyond existing historical and cultural significations. Curators Caroline Santos Rodrigues (Brazil) and Maria Neicu (Romania) were inspired by the idea that ‘(…) any somewhere may appear/be simultaneously a place and a non-place, depending upon your perspective; this in turn opens up the possibility of struggle, the struggle to create place from non-place-or (…) their very existence bears witness to struggle’ (David Harvie, 1996).

Joseph Patricio - 7 years experience in performance and research at the Philippine Folkloric Dances, Kaloob Philippine Music and Dance Ministry, Folk Arts Theatre, Manila, Philippines.

Caroline Santos-Rodrigues – MA in International Performance Research, University of Warwick.
Maria Neicu - MA in International Performance Research, University of Warwick.

 still life 2011