Bear and Ragged Staff

6 – 22 October 2017
Open daily, 11am – 6pm

Bear and Ragged Staff is a group exhibition which probes the relationships between critically engaged, contemporary artistic practices and remote, rural locations.

Taking the county of Warwickshire (which cradles Coventry to the North, East and South), as its rural area of focus, this exhibition explores why artists may choose to locate themselves within a rural context or why, conversely, they may decide to move into cities to continue their work.

Focusing on the Great British landscape and its associated production techniques this exhibition includes sculpture, photography, moving image and performance.

Rory Beard, Annie Carpenter, Imogen Frost, Hipkiss & Graney, Dolly Kershaw, Tammy Woodrow

Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art

Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art
is an ambitious festival that works with artists from the city, the wider region and leading international practitioners to produce high quality exhibitions, events and experiences for audiences.

The Future
is not a mystical place which can only be occupied by science fiction or speculation, it is a space that we have direct control over, a space which our decisions, actions and proposals actively build. The inaugural Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art is acutely aware of this, the festival takes The Future as a starting point and from there considers what this historic city might become and what role contemporary visual art might play in that transformation. This is a poignant moment for such considerations as the city has been shortlisted in the competition to become UK City of Culture 2021 and as the council commits to 10-years of cultural activity and growth through its new cultural strategy.

Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art is an ambitious festival taking place at multiple venues across the city centre including The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, FarGo Village, City Arcadia Gallery and other cultural, unused and public locations.
Each of these venues will host ambitious exhibitions by contemporary artists from around the West Midlands, the UK and the rest of the world.

Rory Beard