Grand Union

For THE GALLERY, Grand Union will present a 12 hour internet radio broadcast, followed by an evening performance by artist Scott Mason.

From 8am to 8pm on Thursday 28th February a programme of sound works, readings and music that respond to the idea of THE GALLERY, will be broadcast on internet radio and played simultaneously at Meter Room for visitors. The programme will explore THE GALLERY, consider what it might be and how objects might be displayed and experienced within, outside or in-between it. The programme has been edited from 128kbps Objects, produced by or-bits.com and broadcast by basic.fm.

At 8pm Scott Mason will present of a final account in formation, a live DJ mix formed of room-tone recordings he has undertaken at exhibitions around the UK. The essential sonic documentation mix, bringing you a survey of the hottest exhibitions nationwide.


Grand Union is an artist-led initiative that supports the development of artists and curators and aims to establish and nurture dialogue between contemporary visual artists, and local, national and international art organisations. Established by a group of artists and curators in Birmingham, UK, Grand Union is a unique project that houses eight purpose built studios and a project space.

Scott Mason is an artist based in London. He recently graduated from MA Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art (2011), and has shown work at Outpost Norwich, Aspex Portsmouth, Flat Time House London, OTR Madrid and MoCADA New York. He is currently a CCW Graduate Fellow at the University of the Arts, London.

or-bits.com is a web-based curatorial platform devoted to supporting practices and dialogues around artistic production, display and distribution online. Through commissioning new works for online exhibitions, promoting critical discourses and writing on its blog and developing offsite projects in collaboration with partnering organisations, or-bits.com aims to instigate an exploration of the creative and critical possibilities of the web as language, medium and subject.

The project has been made possible by Arts Council England.

Radio broadcast schedule