Floor Plan for an Institution is a durational collaborative project, whereby artist-curators from 5 artist-run spaces have been invited to contribute to the design of a speculative artist-run institution within the Meter Room project space, as a means of collectively imagining an alternative model for what an art institution could be.

Curators from each artist-run space have been invited to create one of the rooms for the institution, the sum total of which will create an alternative model for how an artist-run institution could be formed and how it might function. The following rooms, each common to an archetypal art institution, will be responded to over a 5 month period:

#1. The Reception - Pitt Studio, Division of Labour
#2. The Auditorium - Vinyl Art Space
#3. The Cafe & Bookshop - Movement
#4. The Archive - Down Stairs
#5. The Gallery - Grand Union

The 5 artist-run spaces that have been invited will be hosted away from their usual sites and ways of working, giving them the opportunity to develop an off-site project in the Meter Room project space.

Work will remain in-situ at the Meter Room after each exhibition to give a sense of movement between each room of the institution, and as a means of prompting dialogue between each curatorial response to the project. Each exhibition will have an opening event and a discussion to generate interest and feedback for the curators and the artists that they may select to show as part of their projects.

Floor Plan for an Institution approaches the medium of the exhibition as a space where art and its institutions are imagined and speculated upon, rather than a space where fixed cultural values are represented. The project reflects upon the often simplified relationship between artist-run spaces and their institutional counterparts, between the concepts of ‘alternative’ and ‘mainstream’ art practices and exhibitions.

Time-lapse video of Floor Plan for an Institution, October 2012 - March 2013

About the participants

The PITT artist-led project space opened in Worcester in December 2006. Primarily the PITT studio is a gallery and resource for contemporary visual artists and their work. PITT plays a strategic role in the development of contemporary visual art. It does so by supporting the professional careers of artists and curators through research, production, presentation and interpretation. It engages with new audiences by working with regional, national and international partners.

Division of Labour

Vinyl Art Space specialises in the development of early career artists, giving them the chance to develop their practice within an artist-led community where they are exposed to a national and international audience, curators, funders and decision-makers. Founded in 2010 as an artist-led project in a living room in Moseley experimenting with the de-coding and re-coding of space, it now operates from Digbeth, Birmingham.

MOVEMENT gallery is a departure, a change, a stopover, or an arrival – it’s a point along a journey and a geographically democratic site for the production and presentation of contemporary artwork. Due to our location on a rail transport system we aim to conceptually take the passenger on many different journeys through time and space, commissioning work by international contemporary artists to be shown at the station. It is a micro-gallery, located in what was once a redundant gentleman’s toilet that fronts directly onto a busy railway station platform. MOVEMENT has commissioned a series of limited edition artists prints to accompany the exhibition, please contact the gallery for further details.

Opened in June 2011, Down Stairs is a 6,000 square foot artist-run gallery space located at Great Brampton House in Madley, Herefordshire. The gallery shows contemporary artists from a variety of backgrounds and across all media. It seeks to nurture young artists and support local artists, and is committed to showing emerging artists alongside established names in group and solo exhibitions. Down Stairs also offers an Artist Residency programme as part of its commitment to supporting artists. Down Stairs is programmed and run by artists Craig Barnes and Dmitri Galitzine, alongside gallery proprietor Martin Miller.

Grand Union is an artist-led initiative that supports the development of artists and curators and aims to establish and nurture dialogue between contemporary visual artists, and local, national and international art organisations. Established by a group of artists and curators in Birmingham, UK, Grand Union is a unique project that houses eight purpose built studios and a project space.

Supported by ACE