The Input curatorial residency project at Meter Room provides curators and artist-run curatorial initiatives with 24 hour access to the 1400 square feet project space to use as their own curatorial studio in which to generate new collaborations and site-specific responses. Participants will be supported to develop new projects and/or re-contextualise existing practices in an environment which combines studio-based production and gallery-based curation. Input projects also aim to contribute to ongoing discourse on the hybridised role of the artist-curator, and the merging of studio and gallery spaces.

During the residencies, participants will be provided with a set of keys, hand tools, AV equipment (Digital projector, DVD player, TV, and PC), volunteer assistance, and wireless broadband. Meter Room interns and volunteers will be available to help realise and document their projects where required/desired.

At the end of the 3 week residencies participants will be required to produce a public event which could take the form of a short exhibition, discussion, performance etc. These will be documented on the website and blog, and participants are encouraged to share work in progress and material relating to the evolution of their projects where appropriate.

Input participants will lead a crit group directly after their residencies, in which artists can share work in progress with their peers and receive reflective critical feedback to assist with the development of their practice. Artists and curators who would like to present work can reserve places via email (4 artists presenting per session), stating their requirements for showing their work. Attendance is free to all and emphasis is placed on open discussion and participation in an informal supportive environment.

#1 The Lombard Method
#2 Over + Out