Input #1
8 August – 8 September 2011

The Lombard Method, 68a Lombard Street, Birmingham B120QR

‘The Lombard Method at Meter Room’ is the first in a series of residencies at Meter Room under the banner ‘Input’, whereby independent curators and artist-run organisations are offered the Meter Room project space to use as their own studio for a four week period in which to generate new collaborations and site-specific responses. ‘Input’ residencies aim to contribute to ongoing discourse on the hybridised role of the artist-curator, and the forms and function of the studio-gallery.

The Lombard Method includes the individual practices of 7 artists, and a changing number of collaborative practices within this, and ‘The Lombard Method at Meter Room’ sees the involvement of five of its members.

With an open remit of how the time and space could be used, the residency was left largely without structure, punctuated by exclusively internal discussion events whereby group input would be integral, and surrounded by individual efforts focussed on more practically based making. Discussions used the extensive prior knowledge of individuals practices, and the intimacy evolved from the groups’ 2 year history, to address issues of stagnancy and to re-question the familiar, with aims of practice development and considering beginnings of new work. The space fluctuated between functioning as a studio away from the studio – an installed green screen dominating the end wall with its call for something to take place on it – and being a space void of colour and clutter – the mock-gallery setting that welcomes existing work that needs to be documented or considered in space. The usual reading, writing and researching occurred amongst these goings-on in the usual, ad-hoc basis.

From this period of questions and beginnings, no final event presented itself naturally, or felt in tune with its aims. Instead, the final event of the residency – this dissemination of information and agenda – is a quiet nod, and a window into the events that happened.

Friday 12 August, 6.00pm – Form the agenda, as follows;

Wednesday 17 August, 6.00pm – Tim Stock and Joseph Welden discuss their collaborative practice in relation to a proposal, with focus on the position and presence of the individual within a work of multiple authors, and how to consider the audience when drawing on experiences that are not shared.
- Screening of Synecdoche, New York, 2008, directed by Charlie Kaufman, as a starting point for considering The Lombard Method at The Lombard Method for The Event 2011.

Wednesday 31 August, 6.00pm - Matt Foster shares and evaluates his experience as visual artist at this years’ European theatre festival; BE Festival, and considers whether the freedoms and constraints of the particular context it offered were useful tools or hindrances, and where his practice may lead from here.
- Artist networking and self-promotion have an increasingly web-based emphasis, and with the importance of this in mind, the group offer up their websites for critique.

Thursday 1 September, 6.00pm - Adam Smythe leads a discussion using the work of Andreas and Fillip Nilsson as a reference point for working through issues with a new work in progress, started at Meter Room.
- Joanne Masding considers retrospective retitling of works using approaches to titling from Martin Creed, Jason Dodge, Becky Beasley and Daniel von Sturmer as reference points.

Thursday 8 September, 6.00pm – The final event – send the press release.

The Lombard Method is an independently run studio and project space led by seven Birmingham based artists. Functioning primarily as a large communal studio with flexible project spaces, the objectives of the group are to develop individual practice through critical dialogue and group interaction, and to engage with other artists through a programme of residencies, exhibitions, and events.

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